AirAttack Lite 1.2

Great graphics, frantic action and classic gameplay


  • Excellent graphics
  • Lots of power ups
  • Three levels of difficulty


  • No gameplay innovation


AirAttack is a vertical shoot 'em up, in the style of the classic arcade franchise 1942.

There are many shoot 'em ups on iOS, including the excellent Space Invaders Infinity Gene. Happily, AirAttack is a great addition to the pool. You control a WWII style plane as it flies through wave after wave of enemy aircraft and ground vehicles. There's nothing new about that, but it's done with great style.

AirAttack is presented in quasi-3D, with bright and detailed graphics. While it's impressive to look at, the bullets and rockets you need to avoid are all very clear. The game is split into stages, and between them you can upgrade your plane in a shop (of course!). There are end and mid level boss battles, some great set pieces like an enemy train you have to bomb.

AirAttack has excellent options too - you can choose from four controls, tilt, d-pad and two types of touch control. There are three difficulty levels. If you have an older device, you can even lower the graphics settings. The sound is also excellent, with good effects and an orchestral score.

AirAttack is a great arcade shoot 'em up. With it's excellent graphics and impressive set pieces, this is the ideal foil to the minimalism of Space Invaders Infinity Gene



AirAttack Lite 1.2

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